What to Expect

Client-centered Process

  As a Holistic Consultant, Tracey Shambach, C.N.H.P., uses an approach, which helps client’s to heal by taking the entire person and their life experiences into consideration for assessment purposes.     Tracey Shambach, C.N.H.P., focuses on emphasizing the client’s personal concerns, cares, and interests.   To meet each individual client’s needs, Tracey Shambach, C.N.H.P., encourages clients to adopt an active, integrative approach to their general healthcare and wellness. She considers core aspects of the entire person -- body, mind, and spirit -- to help clients improve personal wellbeing through everyday lifestyle choices. A Holistic Health Consultant looks for the cause – not a symptom. As a Holistic Health Consultant, Tracey Shambach, C.N.H.P., is more concerned with the underlying imbalances or dysfunctions of the symptom, illness, or disease. Tracey targets the underlying imbalances and ultimately looks for the causes of those imbalances. She strives to show people how to protect their health. Of course, clients need to do their part. She will work as a partner to help restore balance and true health to their lives. Participating in the process, the transition from illness or diseased to wellness, is one of the greatest joys for both Tracey and her clients. Most people come in search of specific information about health concerns, blocks to health, and advice on supplementation and alternative treatments. Each session can focus on one or more of these issues in relation to your diet, health, and wellbeing.  

What To Expect

Consultations take place via Skype, Face-Time, or telephone call.     

During the first consultation, we will go through a detailed health history, addressing client's concerns, feelings, and attitudes toward treatments designed to achieve individualized wellness goals. Incremental steps are often recommended over the course of several months to help a client change specific behaviors. Personalized lifestyle strategies such as diet modification, meditative practice, alternative health therapies, exercise regimens, and environmental health awareness may be recommended in combination with traditional holistic advice.   I will ask a lot of questions that involve a long history, and case taking, to get to the root of illness, and understand what is causing symptoms or blocks to good health.    From there, I get a sense of how we might proceed and discuss it with you.    I use many tools to empower you to reach your full potential, and will help you use your own inner resources for wellness.  You are the leader in your success, and I am here to help you move toward your goals.   

You will generally leave the session with enough information to get started on your new plan. You will have access to Tracey’s email address, so if you have additional questions or concerns you can contact her. The first session may take anywhere from 60 – 90 minutes depending on the extent of information covered.
You are in control of your sessions and so you can determine when and if you need to return.    Generally, you are given all that you need to begin your new holistic health plan. However, if you need to follow your progress, or you need to make some minor adjustments to your plan, then ½ hour appointments are offered.  

Mission Statement

  •   Holistic Counseling may help you achieve:

  • Greater self-awareness 
  • A more peaceful, centered, approach to life
  • Greater health and vitality. 
  • Emotional well being. 
  • A deepened sense of spirituality. 
  • An enhanced feeling of optimism  

  Mission Statement 

Help clients determine and resolve the root causes of declining health, sickness, and chronic disease using a holistic methods, natural remedies, and practical lifestyle tips. Giving Clients the tools to create sustainable wellness and vitality – the definition of True Health.