Important Facts/ Info

Why should I work with Tracey Shambach, CNHP

  • Extensive Training in Holistic, Alternative, and Complementary Medicine 
  •  20+ Years of Experience with holistic health, healing, and natural remedies  
  • Helping you protect or improve your health using holistic methods, natural remedies, and practical strategies  
  •  Focused on You and Your Unique Needs 


My Beliefs

Health is Not Just the Absence of Disease . . .  It is Being Well in All Areas of Health 

My Objective:  Establish the Balance That Creates True Health 

My Holistic Method:  

       The Triangle of Health              

Body, Mind, and Spirit  

Focused on You and Your Unique Needs:  Helping you protect or improve your health using holistic methods, natural remedies, and practical strategies.



  When Tracey says that she is focused on you and your unique needs, she means it!  She listened deeply to me, and drew from her wealth of training and intuitive knowing to help me with a plan that addressed my concerns.  She has guided me many times, toward bringing balance to physical and emotional issues.  Also, she is caring, and compassionate, which are attributes that I value when working with a holistic practitioner.  I trust her wisdom, knowledge of supplements, and integrity.             Gigi  J

Tracey is kind, warm-hearted, and totally focused on you, the individual, without reservation. She has shown me, and in watching her interaction with others, her depth of loyalty, strength of character, and her great capacity for love of others, especially those in need. Her assessments for me have been extremely accurate. Sometimes she deals with things humorously; other times with tact, kindness, or gentle assertion, but always from strength and thoughtful focused evaluation.  I once read a quotation that fits Tracey like a glove . . . it is this “ . . .Nothing is so strong as gentleness; nothing is so gentle as true strength . . .”   Mary F    

We are always eager to visit with Tracey. She is friendly, trustworthy, and a good listener as well. Tracey has continually offered professional holistic advice coupled with uniquely niched homeopathic products to help resolve our varied health problems. We are especially appreciative of her exceptional services. Thank you so much for taking good care of us.   

Bill & Bernie F        

How It Works

   I am more concerned with the underlying imbalances or dysfunctions that are the mechanisms of the symptom, illness, or disease. I target the underlying imbalances and ultimately look for the causes of those imbalances. I strive to show people how to protect their health using a holistic approach to health.  

By paying special attention to diet, exercise, nutrition, supplementation, natural remedies, and the workings of the mind, body, and spirit, I’m not just giving client's a temporary fix, I am helping them put into place the steps needed to achieve true good health and wellness.  


Tracey Shambach, C.N.H.P. is available for private consultations through Skype, FaceTime, and phone calls.  Tracey also lectures and does corporate education on health and wellness. Tracey also shares her knowledge through published articles and in-store visits at the Health Food Center.


Payments can be made through PayPal, Credit Card, or Check.

What to Expect

  •    Tracey Shambach, CNHP, uses interview and lifestyle mapping to discover the barriers that are blocking your body’s ability to stay or become healthy. 
  •   She helps you build a plan to release your body’s natural vitality and restore true health using Complementary and Natural Medicine techniques, natural remedies, and other practical recommendations that help you achieve a permanent solution for your health and healing challenges.

  Body, Mind, and Spirit: Each corner of the triangle of holistic health must be in balance – and working optimally – to protect or improve your health.   Imbalances in the triangle produce declining health and disease 

Balance creates health and healing